Regulator Health Self-Check

Answer these questions for a free health report and estimate on what it would cost to service your regulator.

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Brand of Regulator


How many years since it was last serviced

Do any of the hoses show any sign of perishing or cracking especially where they are connected to the first stage?

  • High Pressure Hose yes no 
  • Second Stage Hose yes no 
  • Alternate Regulator Hose yes no 
  • Low Pressure Inflator Hose yes no 
  • Dry Suit Hose yes no 

Is there any sign of corrosion in the first stage filter?
Remove the dust cap and tell us what the primary and secondary colour of the filter is:

  • Silver yes no 
  • Green yes no 
  • Brown yes no 

Does the regulator free flow when connected to a full cylinder?
yes no 

Do the mouthpieces show any sign of wear or damage
yes no 

Can you breath any air through the second stage when it is not connected to a cylinder?
yes no 

Is there any other obvious sign of damage to the regulator like cracked housings, stiff second stage adjustments?
yes no 

If damaged please give us a brief explanation

We will get back to soon with a report on wether we think your regulator needs a physical check-up by our technician and an estimate to carry out the work. A quote will be given once we receive the regulator and give it a full once over.

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