No Dive Shop in Picton

As far back as I can remember there has been a Dive Shop in Picton and at thats at least 33 years. Now after all those years all shops have now closed šŸ˜„ .

Unfortunately this is a product of the times, with shops and operations closing down throughout New Zealand and Australia. The main reason for this decline in shops is two fold, firstly the recession which has been around for a few years now, but has finally caught up on operators who can no longer financially survive. Secondly the internet, where customers can buy product at very competitive prices. In Marlborough though, we have been especially hard hit as much of our core market was from Christchurch, which has all but dried up since the big earthquakes.

Unfortunately this will have an adverse effect on the general diving public in the short term as air-fills become hard to find and expensive, local air-fills now done at a local boat shop have risen from $7.00 1 year ago to over $12.00. 24/7 service will also be a thing of the past, so be prepared to wait for air-fills, tank tests and regulator servicing.

Go Dive, although not operating from a traditional dive shop, is still offering trips, training and servicing and will shortly be offering air-fills in Picton. Our on-line shop will shortly be up and running, one feature being an on-lineĀ regulator health check and free delivery equipment servicing.

The industry has changed but in the long run it will be a healthier more vibrant industry with professional operators.

Brent šŸ˜‰

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