Dive Marlborough goes for a dive

On the 20th of March we experienced one of those extreme weather events that comes along from time to time. Unfortunately this one caught us by surprise and resulted in boat being damaged to a point where the insurance company wrote her off. 😥

Dive Marlborough goes for a dive

Dive Marlborough, down by the stern after 20 March storm

Our normal procedure is to remove the boat from the water when bad weather from the south is forecast, however this time it went from a forecast of 30knts on the Sunday to a storm with gusts of up to 80 knots 😯 . All I could do was watch as the waves and seas battered into the boat for over 24 hours, to a point where she finally gave up and partially sunk by the stern.

It was like watching a favorite pet die after having the boat for over 7 years and it being such a great dive platform. The hope was that it would salvageable, but unfortunately the motors were damaged by the water to the point where the cost of repair outweighed the value.

Dive Marlborough in happier days

Since setting Dive Marlborough up all those years ago when I first started the business, the operation has evolved to a point where the boat was not the ideal vessel for the Port Gore application. I intend to use this opportunity to replace Dive Marlborough with a purpose built craft that will be more suitable to beach launches and technical diving, with heaps of deck space and points to enter and exit the water. Planning is now well in the advance stages, with the new boat being in operation for the Hippolas dive weekend in early September.

Rest in peace Dive Marlborough, or maybe she might be brought by someone as a project boat. She was listed on Trademe at by the insurer’s “as is where is” current bid $2010.00 no reserve. She was a good boat.

Next trip being June 28/29/30/1st July. Lets hope for clear water and no more 80 knot winds. 

Safe diving

Brent 😮



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